Analyst Services


Producing effective information for what you do best!


There is growing demand for complex spend information from a wide variety of sources. What we do is work as on-demand analysts to gather, integrate, and generate meaningful information. Our work is relevant so you can deliver personalized information to all of your audiences such as Procurement, Surgery, Cath Lab, Clinicians, Physicians, Finance, Administration, Vendors, etc.

SavingsPath supports your team in the numerous activities related to cost reduction of supply expense:

• Gather, organize, and validate necessary information for specific projects
• Integrate internal and external data sources
• Create greater data relevancy for your audiences
• Generate standard and ad hoc reports
• Develop ongoing automated measurement to monitor results
• Maintain an enhanced database for rapid reporting

Our spend management services are focused on lowering your costs and expanding your capacity to capture a higher level of sustainable savings, in an affordable manner, with a measurable return on investment. Let us show you how we can help your unique situation.