Why SavingsPath


Integrated measures and ongoing metrics of achievement!


Mashing & Relevancy! We make people’s lives easier by mashing together relevant information that is often time consuming or just doesn’t get done.  The information includes the typical data you wrestle with, but also can include insightful data that is often overlooked. Relevancy of information is enhanced for the necessary audiences. By telling the story in a meaningful way you gain participation and expanded opportunities.
Confidence! You can confidently answer questions like . . . What did we really save? Will that be worth it? What measurable improvement was made? How can we get this back on track? Which method was most effective? The team will be able to share insight about achievements, spot unexpected disruptions, and use their skills to improve success.
Recognition! We enable the organization to recognize people’s efforts! We support local responsibility. Even now when so much of the contracting has been outsourced to GPO’s or corporately centralized, the outcome remains local. Our services are delivered affordably and efficiently at all levels.
Automated & Repeatable! You get meaningful information automatically delivered to you, and anyone else you determine needs it, at the right frequency. It happens seamlessly and without a burden on your time and resources.