SavingsPath Tracker


Click to track bottom line savings from spend agreements!


Tracking makes a huge impact on success. You can probably think of examples, like monthly charts, where tracking made a difference. That being said, you may feel some pain in how long it takes to put charts together and maintain them.

Maybe there is a little guilt because you would like to do more tracking as you think about all the cost savings initiatives in place and the new ones coming up? Wouldn’t it be fun to easily track more credible results and have people recognized? If so, we have an exciting solution.

SavingsPath Tracker is a unique set of tools and services, specific to Healthcare supply cost management, that automatically tracks bottom line cost savings results. Most importantly, the tracking is sustained over the entire length of an agreement because things change over time. It’s designed specifically for your organization, rapidly delivered, and automatically repeated.

SavingsPath Tracker means:

  • Integration – Multiple data sources are brought together for more complete bottom-line measurement. Besides purchase history this can include utilization, revenue and outside data.
  • Definition – For tracking effectiveness, a variety of intelligent information is defined, such as grouping, coverage, terms and calendars to name    a few.
  • Visualization – A pallet of visual choices, whether charts, tables or spreadsheets, delivers clarity for recognition.
  • Automation – Efficiency and responsiveness in design allow for repeatable assessments at optimal frequencies.
  • Flexibility – Data and report structure accommodates change, because you can be assured things will change during the timeframe of most initiatives or agreements.